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Split album featuring Despondent, Artificial Pathogen, Animal Farm, Cunt Cuntly, Botfly Infestation, and Vomit!

Tracks 1 and 2 Mixed/Mastered by Gabor Toth at Ghostship Recordings: www.facebook.com/theghostshiprecordings?fref=ts
Effects and additional mixing by Luke Waters
Lyrics for Track 1 and 2 written by Tyler Merendino
Tracks 1 written by Tyler Merendino and Jake Marxen
Track 2 written by Tyler Merendino


released May 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Despondent Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Full length album "The Cosmic Horror" coming soon

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Track Name: Despondent - Despondent - Immaculate Desolation (Ft. Ben Duerr - Shadow of Intent)
Gaze upon the ruins of a civilization predestined for catastrophe
Their existence was sculpted for a single purpose
To be enslaved and consumed when the stars are aligned
The cleansing shall commence now
Tsunamis that erupted as a result of our arrival
Engulfed the coastlines of failed cities
Minions flooding the colonies
The very sight of them obliterating their minds
Strangulation of this planet
Draining the life from this speck of dust
Terraforming to sustain our young
Screaming, pleading, begging, crying
Praying to your fucking god
Sobbing, bleeding, anxious, seething
Gasping for a breath of air
A desolate fucking wasteland
A barren wasteland is all thats left
This planet once green now black as soot
Every lifeform hunted to extinction
All vegetation fucking burned away
Man will never rise from the ashes
With countless humans already collected, we have fullfilled our research quota
Immaculate Desolation
Taking this realm as my own
Pray that your idols will save you from the verge of mankind
Desperate arms reaching upwards, beseeching
And sobbing
A whisper from the dark
A calling, an irresistible offer
Life forevermore
All for a simple task
Now we slaughter all who are left
Warfare on a massive scale
We pave the road with their bodies
Door to door, shelter to shelter
Entire human colonies are wiped out
The world is in the palm of our hands
Immediate extirpation
Immaculate desolation
Purging the earth of all its life
Parading the corpses of children hanging by their entrails
Boiling of female flesh
The men castrated and forced to fornicate each other
Man will never rise from the ashes
Man will stay as dust
Man will never rise from the ashes
Man will stay as dust
Earth will never know peace
Track Name: Despondent - Despondent - Gluttonous Remains (Ft. Lennon O'Donnell of Chainsaw Castration)
Sudden appearance, immediate destruction
Panic throughout the streets
The skyscrapers collapse amongst the city
Collapse of order and justice

Fleeing humans like insects right at our feet
They can run, they can hide
But alas, they are simply meat
Cowering waste at my feet

capture and kill every human you see
bring their frail, broken bodies to me
kill the young; let blood flow through all the streets

catastrophic reconstruction
pump the oxygen from this planet
leave them gasping for breath
leave them with nothing left

beings from your nightmares; from your dreams
you searched far and what it seems
Horror beyond human comprehension

the abysmal failure of life comes to an end
they bathed in their filth, we bathed in their blood
mass extinction

you're going to fucking rot

sit here and watch
as everything you've ever loved shatters before your eyes

Gluttonous remains
Feast of the human virus

as the sun dies out
as this planet is reduced
to a smoldering
pile of ash

lying dormant for thousands of years
awakened by titanic monoliths of earth's past

The Human Race has reached its final day
In accordance to our words, the parasites shall pay

Round up the scum in the fucking streets
Force them upon their hands and knees
Remove the brain and liquidize the body
Transcendental Invasion from our domain x2